How did New York change my heart?

Photo cred. Allie Tevis

New York is everything and more than you watch in the movies. Is surreal! 

Is the kind of place that makes you dream until you can´t stop. A city that gathers culture, art, technology, fashion, gastronomy, movies, celebrities and much more. 

I got the chance to visit NY and I will repeat it again and again if I could, or even go live there. 

New York facts:
  • A little over 8 million people live in New York City
  • Multicultural
  • Most linguistically diverse city in the world (over 800 languages)
I visited the big apple during the winter of 2015.    I´ve been doubting to create this blog but now that I decided to do It, what is a better way to start it but with my New York experience. 

Starting with the place that stole my heart The Statue of Liberty
  • The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the US.
Photo cred. Allie Tevis
You can get there through the side of New Jersey or from the New York side, the way to get to Ellis Island is through a ferry. In the Island there is the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration that you can visit.

I got there and immediately felt something really special, It is really hard to put it into words but it gave me a feeling of peace, and just watching the Statue made me feel blessed. 

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center
A must go to during winter time!
There you find the most beautiful and big Christmas Tree in the world. It is located in midtown Manhattan. Also it was declared a National Historic Landmark. 

I was amazed by the decorations this plaza shows every year and also how many turists and locals visit this year after year. Many people take advantage of the visit and practice ice skating on the ice rink just below the tree. I highly reccomend to go visit and spend a nice time with family and friends.

St.Patrick´s Cathedral

St. Patricks Cathedral
Located in New York´s 5th Avenue. 
Is a point of reference in the city.

The architectural style is neogothic.

This church has so much personality, it´s style is unique and also very visited by tourists.

New York has so much to offer, is the city that never sleeps. So much magic in the theaters. For instance, I went to watch The Rockettes show in Radio City Music Hall it is AMAZING! The lobby is to die for! A fact: all of the dancers of the show have the same height and body measures. This Rockettes Show is a tradition during the Holidays and has so much magic and fantasy on it. 

Now, one of the most important things is the diversity of gastronomy in the city. But I can say that my personal favorite place to eat was La Mela Ristorante in little Italy. The food is so good! A cozy place to eat the best pasta. If you go you´ll never regret it!

It was a delicius chocolate cupcake!

To sadly end this article, 
How did New York change my heart?
It did change it, because the city is so diverse that it can make you feel like home, you are welcome wherever you go. The people is so nice and you are able to see the different costumes of people that go there from around the world. When you are there you got this feeling of empowerment as if you can do anything in the world, and you can do it of course. Just work hard for it as everyone does to accomplish their dreams. 

One part of my heart belongs to the city that never sleeps. 



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